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Gluten-free Hot Breakfast Cereal

by Brisia@bridgingpalates

Switch up your morning oat meal with this creamy gluten free hot breakfast cereal If you grew up with Malt O Meal hot breakfast cereal, this is going to bring back some memories. It has much of same texture and flavor as the traditional brand but is gluten free and packed with Vitamins, fiber and wholesome goodness. Make in advance and store a jar of the ground mix in your pantry for easy breakfast prep. Make a batch for the upcoming week and delight in the comfort of a creamy warming breakfast to start your day. My kid loves this and is truly a healthy alternative to the commercial cereal! 

Cereal Ingredients:

2oz Millet

2oz Raw Pumpkin seeds

2oz Brown Rice

2oz Amaranth

Pinch of salt


Lakanto Monk fruit Sweetener for sugar free or maple syrup


Coconut Milk


To Make:

  • Soak your Millet, seeds, rice, and Amaranth in water overnight

  • Once they have soaked overnight, with a very fine sieve, drain your mix and empty onto a plate to air dry

  • Take your grain and seed mix and dry roast them on a pan on low heat for about 2-3 min. 

  • Pour into a food processor or blender and grind to almost powder like form

  • In a small container take 1 cup of your mix (reserve the rest for future use) and stir with 1 cup of water. This prevents clumping when cooking

  • In a medium pot boil 2 cups of water.

  • Throw in your salt.

  • Once water is boiling add your wet mix to pot and stir.

  • Reduce heat to medium low

  • You will need to stand over your pot and keep stirring to prevent the bottom from sticking to pot. Almost like risotto, you are going to need to keep a watch and continue stirring for 15 min

To serve:

Mix in your ghee, milk, and sweetener to your liking! Enjoy!

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