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April Highlight: Oregon's Wild Harvest

Oregon’s Wild Harvest is an organic, whole plant herbal supplement company headquartered in Redmond, Ore. The company was founded in 1994 by the husband and wife team of Randy Buresh and Pam Martin-Buresh, who still own and guide daily operations today. With a commitment to certified organic and biodynamic farming practices, Oregon’s Wild Harvest is dedicated to nurturing healthy, living soil, clean water and saving and replanting its non-GMO seeds on its farms. With the care of their customers at heart, the company grows and procures the very highest quality fresh, whole herbs, which are tested for optimum potency and prepared in small batches the way nature intended. Off the farm, the company operates a state-of-the-art testing lab and manufacturing plant, which combined, creates a closed-loop model, giving Oregon’s Wild Harvest complete control over the identity, quality, potency and safety of their ingredients from seed to bottle.

Running an organic herbal supplement company requires land, energy, family, farmers, scientists, great partners and a whole lot of passion. Through our daily practices and operational decisions, they are dedicated to keeping their impact on the planet to a minimum. These are some of the ways they maintain their green business practices:

  • Capsule bottles are BPA-free PET #1 plastic. This type of plastic bottle is safe and widely recycled nationwide.

  • They are 100% dedicated to non-GMO, organic seed saving.

  • Clean Wind Green Tag energy provides 90,302 pounds of CO2 offset. This is the equivalent of approximately 100,313 automobile miles NOT driven or 5,406 trees planted annually.

  • More than 10% of their farm habitat is dedicated to natural pollinators.

  • They use Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farming practices, the oldest, purest and most sustainable form of farming.

  • Their farms are also certified USDA Organic by Oregon Tilth, and certified Salmon-Safe, a nonprofit that works to keep urban and agricultural watersheds clean enough for native salmon to spawn and thrive.

They responsibly source from farmers, growers and wildcrafters with the same high standards they employ on their own farms.

Randy Buresh, R.N., co-founder, farmer, and chief vision officer

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