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March Highlight: La Vie

La Vie has been making all-natural, probiotic wellness drinks in Santa Cruz County for over 11 years. They use small batch fermentation to create drinks like Beet Kvass and Coconut Kefir. These popular probiotic drinks are hailed for their health benefits including: boosting the immune system, improving digestive health and reducing the risk of cancer.

Beet Kvass is an excellent liver cleanser, a blood tonic (which helps build blood cells), and contains valuable nutrients and fiber. Coconut Kefir alleviates kidney stones, helps control yeast growth like Candida, and protects the heart against high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, blood clots and heart attack.

La Vie’s probiotic beverages are made with superfood ingredients and up to six unique strains of live and active cultures. Beet Kvass contains 50 million cultures per ounce and Coconut Kefir packs 30 billion cultures per ounce. These food based probiotics provide your system with stronger and longer colonization of good bacteria resulting in better health benefits for you. Finally, La Vie drinks are vegan and contain no added preservatives, refined sugars, soy, gluten or dairy.

You can find six different flavors at Aptos Natural Foods including: Blood, Beet Kvass, Coconut Kefir, E3 Live Cocktail, Magenta Mojito, and Root Awakening.

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