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February Highlight: Wiley's Finest

“Caught by American fisherman, purified by American workers,” Wiley’s Finest is proud to be one of the very few omega-3 manufacturers completely owned and operated in the U.S. Their high quality fish oils contain no saturated fats and provide EPA & DHA. These omega-3s have been shown by certain studies to help reduce the risk of heart disease and contribute to a longer and healthier life. As a certified sustainable source by the Marine Stewarship Council, Wiley’s are made to meet the highest US and international quality standards. Their fish oil come in liquid form or softgel capsules.

Here at Aptos Natural Foods, we carry Peak EPA 1,000mg softgels in two sizes, and Peak Omega-3 Liquid Fish Oil in lemon and orange flavors. You can find out more about Wiley's Finest by clicking the link below.

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