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February Highlight: Kitchen Witch Bone Broth

The Bone Broth Revolution is here! ...and on Sale!

From February 3rd to February 10th, find all jars of Kitchen Witch Bone Broth $1 off!! Kitchen Witch was founded in Santa Cruz by Magali Brecke, Missy Woolstenhlume, and Rhiannon Henry. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Kitchen Witch sources pasture-raised, grass-fed animal bones, and organic local vegetables. Each batch is simmered for 24 hours and hand tended with love to bring out the fullest flavor and deepest nutrients. Delicious enough to be sipped on its own as part of a daily health regimen. Or, integrate Kitchen Witch into your favorite recipes for an added lift to soups, stews and sauces!

Their flavors include “Almost” Veggie, Beef, Chicken, Ginger Pork, and Rosemary Turkey, all of which are carried here at Aptos Natural Foods.

Kitchen Witch has also recently started offering anti-inflammatory cleanse programs that last 5 days and are meant to nourish and strengthen the body. Influenced by Auto-Immune, Paleo, and Whole 30 diets, 'The Kitchen Witch Reset" uses bone broths to make delicious, healthy, and seasonal soups, which are then pureed for easier digestion. The cleanse is meant to relieve inflammation, heal the lining of the gut, and give your body a new start without feeling deprived or weak. The next cleanse will begin on February 20th. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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