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When will my item be back in stock?

Updated: 6 days ago

During these weeks of the pandemic shelter-in-place order, grocery stores, distributors, and manufacturers have been working overtime to make sure you have enough food and supplies to nourish yourself, stay engaged, and clean satisfactorily!

However, many more items are currently out of stock than is typical. To limit the number of inquiries we receive and need to respond to, we will now be posting and updating our out of manufacturer or distributor out-of-stocks here on the blog, and on a sign outside the store! Please check here to find out if your frequently requested item/s are in stock.

Also, know that special orders are taking 2-3 weeks longer than "normal!"

Hand Sanitizer: yes!, it is in stock. 2 per customer please.

Bath Tissue: yes!, it is in stock again! One package per customer please, or two single rolls.

Paper Towels: yes!

Facial Tissue: yes!

Napkins: yes!

Aloe Vera Gel: yes! However, please limit your purchase to one container per customer

Cleaner spray & wipes: yes! However, please limit your purchase to one package per customer; many more products are expected back Friday!

Elderberry: yes! However, please limit your purchase to one container per customer

Zinc Lozenges: yes!

Rice: yes! We have so much rice.

Distilled water: yes!

All Purpose Flour, other flour: yes! We have Arrowhead Mills AP Flour and some other selections for baking. 1 per customer please!

Whole Wheat Flour: yes! We have it in bulk only!

Baking Powder: OUT OF STOCK!

Baking Soda: yes! We now have Bob's Red Mill

Baker's Yeast: yes! We now have yeast in bulk! Please ask for assistance.

Earth Balance: yes! The most popular version is long term out of stock, but we have Soy Free, European Style, and Olive Oil based

Ground Beef: yes! We also have bison and lamb.

Tea: Plenty of calming teas :)


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