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Aptos Natural Foods & You during quarantine

Updated: Jun 14

Hi Aptos Natural Foods, shoppers. As of today, June 13, we think this describes all our most important policies. Please leave a message, call, or ask an employee any questions you may have!


You all have been amazing, thank you for your support!

1. No mask, no service.

(“Note that any mask that incorporates a one-way valve {typically a raised plastic cylinder about the size of a quarter on the front of side of the mask} that is designed to facilitate easy exhaling is not a Face Covering under this order and is not to be used to comply with this Order’s requirements. Valves of that type permit droplet release from the mask, putting others nearby at risk.” Santa Cruz County Health Officer Gail Newel, MD – April 23, 2020)

2. Mask must be firmly secured to face.

(Must be covering nose and mouth at all times, not requiring any adjustments while in store)

3. No buying at the door or congregating at the door, please!

4. Store Capacity currently limited to 7 total and a maximum of 2 shoppers per householdso that others may complete their shopping as well!; babies & toddlers must be carried or ride in the seat of the baby cart. When one customer leaves, we will welcome another in)

5. Please do not congregate in close proximity while waiting outside.

(Please line up towards Los Gordos and maintain 6’ between each person.)

6. Every customer MUST SANITIZE THEIR HANDS, may have a pair of gloves, OR MUST sanitize their own disposable gloves before entering.

(We no longer allow cloth gloves)

7. No more reusable bags or grocery containers for the time being.

8. You may bring your own containers for bulk bodycare or tinctures; an ANF employee will help you sanitize them (alcohol solution)

9. Please do not congregate in close proximity within the aisles.

10. Please ask for assistance in our bulk department

~Thank you for your understanding in these trying times. If you have any questions, feel free to request a card with contact information for our General Manager Aria or email him at aptosnaturalfoods@gmail.com~

UPDATE: 6/1/2020

Effective Monday June 1:


8:00am-10:00am Seniors only (65+) please

10:00am-7:00pm General Shopping

1. We will no longer be offering a public restroom! This was not an easy decision for us, but in view of the current situation, we don't believe that we have the capacity to safely offer this option at the current time. We will update you if anything changes.

2. Sanitation Station: please make use of our Sanitation Station by the front door before entering the store. We ask all shoppers to sanitize your hands and/or wear our free gloves to help protect all our shoppers.

3. Improvements to our Bulk Department! Thanks to Kyle and Aria, we are now providing pre-bagged bulk items for sale! We will also continue to bag items for customers upon requests. Unfortunately, we must ask that you not bring your own containers at this point.

4. We have added "x" tape markers on the floor as a visual aid to assist with the 6' social distancing measures.

5. Milk Bottle Returns: to reduce handling of bottles, please return your own bottles to crates near the front of the store, where they will be picked up by milk company representatives.

6. Basket/Cart sanitation: we are continuing to sanitize handles on baskets and carts after each shopper and at intervals throughout the day.

7. Please make sure not to touch produce items you are not planning to purchase. Visit a sanitation station before shopping in the produce department.

Also, per order of the health department, ask a staff person for assistance with bagging items from our bulk department, as we can no longer allow our customers to access our bulk items. It's so important to limit surface contact and possible cross-contamination. We can no longer just use the honor system assuming everyone will follow safe sanitation. Also, we want to limit the number of people touching these items. Please be understanding as we navigate this new complication in our shopping (and new task for our staff to perform). Note: compostable bags are intended to make purchases both convenient and sustainable; they are not appropriate for longterm storage. Additionally, for health and safety reasons, please, no returns at this time! We can't say this enough. Please try to understand the bigger picture. If you have a concern about a purchase you made, please contact Aria via email or phone and be patient while he resolves your issue. Please do not bring purchased items back into the store. Anything that leaves the store should stay out. Thank you for complying with this. Another change you may have noticed, is that we are now limiting essential items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer (if we can get it back in stock), elderberry products, zinc lozenges and aloe vera gel to one per person. We are doing this to make sure that there is enough for everyone. We can't thank you enough for complying with this. For this same reason, we will not be able to put items on hold for you during this time. We need to ensure that our inventory is fairly available to everyone! Thank you. We realize that there are so many changes for you and all of us to navigate already! Please realize that while many people are isolated or working from home, our brave and conscientious staff continues to come in to work and has been dealing with some interesting things. Crowds have been bigger than usual (this was particularly true before the March 17 shelter-in-place order was put in place, but still is), orders are much bigger than usual, inventory sells faster, and there is a vast range of emotional responses that we are exposed to daily. (Overheard conversation: "there are two types of people..."; must disagree -- we have seen so many more than that!) This is all in addition to changes in hours and procedures. Out of mutual consideration we ask that you also be mindful of some general guidelines: Our staff is exposed to many people daily, and that is because they are providing an essential service; we don't want them, much less other customers who may be in vulnerable groups, to be exposed to unnecessary risks. Please follow safe sanitation and distancing practices to the extent possible. Don't lick your finger or swipe your nose and then touch something you are handing to a staff person, please try to keep your cash or cards in a relatively clean container. Please do not seat your child on the counter. The counter has been sanitized with a non-chlorine bleach solution. It is sad that we have to take these measures, but situations like this should turn everyone into a germaphobe, for now. Please, DO use a cart, basket, or bag for your shopping. We sanitize handles after every usage. Some of us have been used to stacking our purchases on the counter as we shop. This can confuse cashiers in the best of times, and we simply do not have room for this practice currently! Please allow room for customers who are already checking out! On a personal note, the staff has been quite busy with the amount of questions, sales, stocking, and so forth. While it's fine to let someone know that you are waiting for assistance, please wait to ask your question until the staff person has finished helping the person in front of you. We realize that can require a lot of patience, especially in the supplements department where other customers sometimes have complex or multi-part questions, but it is a courtesy that we and our other community members all appreciate very much. :) Finally, please don't argue with our staff. Your opinion is very important to us, and context is important too -- please send your comments directly to management. You can answer this email, leave a comment on our website, call (831) 685-3334, or talk directly to Aria when you see him in the store. Thank you so much for taking care of your fellow humans even when they are physically distant from you. We all appreciate your understanding, your cooperation, and your support. Hang in there! If you are feeling lonely or have a comment or question, please feel free to reply to this email. -ANF Team

Aria & Dario say thank you!


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